PUBG Mobile – Tricks That the Game Won’t Tell You

PUBG is the hot favorite among gaming enthusiasts, these days. Many players are discovering their own tricks. Also, they are sharing the same with their friends. If you are looking for some tricks that game won’t tell you, here are some of them:

Some trick to help:

Remember to remove your shoes to move quieter. The great thing about the game is the genuinely genius sound design. You might have identified the enemies around you with this sound design. But, it can also be your foe at times. Yes, when you move with your shoes, your enemies can easily identify. If they know that somebody is nearing them with the footsteps, they will become alert. To avoid this, remove your shoes.

Use vehicles to cover huge distances at a faster pace. Even, you can use some vehicle as missiles. In PUBG, you will find different vehicles and you can drive them wherever you want. Even, you can run over the players with huge vehicles to kill them. Even, you can use the bikes. They will reduce your visibility from the eyes of opponents as compared to huge vehicles. But, remember that when you leap out of the vehicle with high speed, it will kill you. If you hop out of the vehicle on the move, it will cause damage to your life. If it happens, you should use any available resource like medkit, band-aid or an energy drink. They will help with improving your life.

You can do a high-damage flying punch to your enemies. For instance, you can use such a punch on wounded players to kill them immediately. It will help you move forward to the next enemy with ease.

Use crossbow bolts to quickly reload your rifles. When you are in a hurry to kill enemies, you should reload rifles quickly. The tool, called crossbow bolt will help you do the same. But, you will have a hard time in finding this tool. The good news is that you can use a PUBG Aimbot to get this tool.

What to know about guns?

In this game, you will find many different types of guns. But, some of them are highly damaging. So, picking them up will surely help with your gameplay. There are 8 different categories in which you can find guns in this game. The categories include AR Assault Rifle, Sniper rifle, light machine gun, DMR, shotgun, SMG Gun, bow, and pistol. There will be different guns under each category. When you choose the guns that cause more damage, it will surely help you with killing the enemies. Shot Guns are the guns that can cause more damage (225) as compared to others. Particularly, records show that the gun S1897 has caused the most damage to enemies. This gun is followed by Sniper Rifle AWM with 120 damages.

In short, resources are always essential if you are particular about winning PUBG. Thanks to pubg aim bot that offers the best resources to players like you. Using the best hack tool, you can cause much damage to your enemies. learn more about PUBG hacks!