MSI App Player brings Android games to MSI computers

PUBG mobile gameplay hud

  • The MSI App Player, essentially a version of the BlueStacks Android app player, is coming to MSI computers.
  • MSI is positioning the program as a better way to play Android games.
  • The news comes after many PUBG Mobile players adopted a keyboard and mouse in order to gain an advantage over touchscreen gamers.

MSI has announced a tweaked version of the BlueStacks Android app player for its computers. The app, called the MSI App Player, delivers mobile games on PC as well as interactive RGB keyboard lighting.

The PC firm adds that the MSI App Player will allow for better performance, output to a larger display, and easier controls. BlueStacks already allows people to play Android games on PC, but the MSI partnership does open the door for wider adoption.

The move is ostensibly meant to piggyback off the recent keyboard and mouse trend in competitive multiplayer mobile titles. Heck, MSI even used PUBG Mobile in a promotional video to announce the app player.

A case of cheating?

The launch of PUBG Mobile has resulted in many players using a keyboard and mouse in order to gain an advantage over touchscreen players. Because, you know, they don’t fare so well against other PC gamers…

In fact, Motherboard reported on the phenomenon earlier this year, trying it out for themselves and going so far to say it was “absolutely cheating.” The writer adds that they could often get away with killing an opponent if the opponent spotted and tried to shoot them first.


Fortunately, the team behind PUBG Mobile confirmed changes to matchmaking in April, so players on emulators can only play against each other. At the time of the announcement, the PUBG Mobile Twitter account said the decision was taken to “ensure fair gameplay.”

It’s unclear whether the MSI App Player will be affected by this change too, but user reports suggest that the new system is now in place for BlueStacks itself.

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We do wonder how the app player will work with the upcoming Fortnite Mobile, especially given the developer’s confirmation of cross-platform play… Nevertheless, the MSI App Player and BlueStacks, in general, will be a boon for genres like strategy, racing and first-person titles, where precision control is key.

Half of PUBG Player Base Disappeared, Counter Strike Beats PUBG on Twitch

PUBG Map Selection, PUBG Maintenance

Since January, PUBG has lost half of its player base, according to recent data. The game is bleeding players and Bluehole can’t seem to fix the problem. Since January, the average player count has significantly dropped.

This month alone PUBG has lost close to 40K players already and we are just a week into June 2018. The primary reasons for bleeding players are the lack of effort to fix the game’s issues and Fortnite‘s popularity.

PUBG Monthly Playerbase Drop

  • February 2018 | – 193,871.5
  • March 2018 | -193,871.5
  • April 2018 | -188,226.8
  • May 2018 | -231,001.2

Still, PUBG is doing well for itself when compared to other games. It is still the most popular game on Steam but it is no longer the king of Battle Royale games. Past 24-hour peak was 1,523,861 players on Steam so the game still bounces between 1.5 to 2million peak players. However, the average player count dropped to less than a million since January 2018.

Average player count for the past 30 days is 836,336.4. Twitch data is not in favor of Battlegrounds as well, as the viewership dropped. Fortnite is the most viewed game on Twitch right now with League of Legends at second place.

Twitch Viewership Data – May 28 – June 03

  • Fortnite — 30.9 Million
  • League of Legends — 15.5 Million
  • Counter-Strike GO — 11.6 Million
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds — 9.8 Million
  • Dota 2 — 7.4 Million
  • HearthStone — 7 Million
  • Overwatch — 6.5 Million

Number from YouTube are impressive as well; Fortnite managed 5 Billion viewswhile PUBG stood at little of 550M.

Counter-Strike having more viewership than Battlegrounds really says something. Over time PUBG is becoming increasingly less popular. Developers need to pay attention to their game but sadly, Bluehole is less concerned with the game and more with suing Epic Games for creating Fortnite Battle Royale.

PUBG Mobile – Tricks That the Game Won’t Tell You

PUBG is the hot favorite among gaming enthusiasts, these days. Many players are discovering their own tricks. Also, they are sharing the same with their friends. If you are looking for some tricks that game won’t tell you, here are some of them:

Some trick to help:

Remember to remove your shoes to move quieter. The great thing about the game is the genuinely genius sound design. You might have identified the enemies around you with this sound design. But, it can also be your foe at times. Yes, when you move with your shoes, your enemies can easily identify. If they know that somebody is nearing them with the footsteps, they will become alert. To avoid this, remove your shoes.

Use vehicles to cover huge distances at a faster pace. Even, you can use some vehicle as missiles. In PUBG, you will find different vehicles and you can drive them wherever you want. Even, you can run over the players with huge vehicles to kill them. Even, you can use the bikes. They will reduce your visibility from the eyes of opponents as compared to huge vehicles. But, remember that when you leap out of the vehicle with high speed, it will kill you. If you hop out of the vehicle on the move, it will cause damage to your life. If it happens, you should use any available resource like medkit, band-aid or an energy drink. They will help with improving your life.

You can do a high-damage flying punch to your enemies. For instance, you can use such a punch on wounded players to kill them immediately. It will help you move forward to the next enemy with ease.

Use crossbow bolts to quickly reload your rifles. When you are in a hurry to kill enemies, you should reload rifles quickly. The tool, called crossbow bolt will help you do the same. But, you will have a hard time in finding this tool. The good news is that you can use a PUBG Aimbot to get this tool.

What to know about guns?

In this game, you will find many different types of guns. But, some of them are highly damaging. So, picking them up will surely help with your gameplay. There are 8 different categories in which you can find guns in this game. The categories include AR Assault Rifle, Sniper rifle, light machine gun, DMR, shotgun, SMG Gun, bow, and pistol. There will be different guns under each category. When you choose the guns that cause more damage, it will surely help you with killing the enemies. Shot Guns are the guns that can cause more damage (225) as compared to others. Particularly, records show that the gun S1897 has caused the most damage to enemies. This gun is followed by Sniper Rifle AWM with 120 damages.

In short, resources are always essential if you are particular about winning PUBG. Thanks to pubg aim bot that offers the best resources to players like you. Using the best hack tool, you can cause much damage to your enemies. learn more about PUBG hacks!